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Re: Looking for some weightloss help

Originally Posted by Paulo Santos View Post
Jose, you can very easily enter your workouts in MyFitnessPal. Under cardiovascular section, they have circuit or calisthenics, which burns the same calories and it even has strength training in that section.

Having said all that, you don't really have to enter the workouts if you don't want to. Just set up the calculator to lose 1/2 or 1# per week and don't worry about entering the exercises. After 2 weeks, adjust the calories accordingly. I wanted to lose weight for soccer and I went from 170-155 in about 12 weeks by doing this and so did my co-worker.
Cool, thanks. I'll definitely be trying the calculator.

Mark, I'm going to have to disagree with you regarding the fasting thing after reading countless articles and studies performed by the national institutes of health (before I knew it was an actual diet-fad-thing), and seeing the recomendations, and more importantly, results by several respected names like Martin Berkhan from Leangains and Dr. John Berardi from Precision Nutrition; primarily on the starvation thing when it's been shown that fasting has no such effect on metabolism or muscle growth for a at least 72 hours of fasting, much less 16-20.

Plus paleo is just not how I want to live my life. Everybody needs something different to keep them going, and if that works for you, that's awesome, but that's not what I'm looking for. I have been keeping it pretty low carb though, just the baked potato, and the occasional pasta, but from everything I've read, in order to have energy for workouts and rebuild muscle etc, carbs are necessary. Like you said, it's a chemical balance - I'm not just trying to burn fat, but also gain lean muscle (in order to further burn more fat).

I am going to try and cut it down further tho, maybe I'm just not low enough. I thought I was keeping it below the 30g recommended.
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