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Re: Looking for some weightloss help

I have no idea how to judge calories burned during exercise lol but my estimated need is about 2300 before workout factoring in. I sit at a computer all day, but I also lift boxes and move around some so I figure that helps a little.

Either way, I'm typically far below that on fast days, and feast days I think I'm still far enough below it. I'm pretty sure I'm in a constant calorie deficit, but I just downloaded the myfitnesspal calorie tracker.

My estimate is - on fast days I'm about 1500 calories total, and on feast days maybe about 2000 at most, and those are both high estimates, since I know I'm not likely eating a 500 calorie lunch, it's usually a salad or Hale and Hearty medium soup at around 300 I think, or a grilled chicken breast on mixed greens. That's all why I was worried I may not be eating enough to begin with.

Anyway, for me fasting is worth it if it works (but to me anything that works is worth it) primarily because of my lifestyle. Getting on a particular diet and sustaining that forever is usually a lot of work, and I love food too much to cut out everything forever. Pizza and chili dogs are my favorite things in the world, and not being able to eat them would make all the exercise not really worth it. At the same time, I don't eat that stuff every day all day, maybe once a month or so, I'm lucky that I have decent eating habits (I think).

The biggest part tho, is that I'm totally ok with not eating. A few days of headache while I adjusted, but since I get distracted with work, games or life, I've gone entire days without food long before dieting and exercise. I wondered if I was doing something wrong at first because people were talking about the 16 hour fast like it was some brutal form of torture and I'm like "but... I do that now..." lol. A cup of coffee and some creamer or sugar help too.

So I get to eat whatever I want, I already skip meals out of habit, it's sustainable for life, I still eat dinner with family, it works, and helps fighting disease, increased longevity, better insulin stuffs, and the list goes on. So really it's just a minor adjustment that I'm trying to work out the kinks for, and just want to make sure I'm understanding things properly like when to eat carbs etc.

Right now I think I'm going to do a full leangains style intermittent fast instead of alternate day and try for a 20/4 period with a calorie deficit.
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