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Re: Looking for some weightloss help

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Originally Posted by Jose Soriano View Post
Was going 4-5 times a week and really working towards losing some weight, increasing muscle and definition. It's been a great experience and I've seen some improvement, but I feel like I could be doing more (or less). I've been reading a lot of weight loss stuff, and I need some advice to go forward.

I read the quote about "muscle grows when you recover not when you train" (or similar) and that got me to thinking I may be overtraining, since I often feel like I should have been able to do better.

I'm also looking at leangains
I hear ya man! Im in a similar boat (not that that helps much) with these questions. I do the same amount of training, plus some additional lifting and jogging. Id like to see results, but Im afraid my body is over stressed and unable to see results...? I just started Paleo, so Im hoping that will be the missing link. I also have been reading all the leangains theory....and Im TRYING to intermittent fast on the 16/8 plan, but with AM and PM workouts its hard. My wonder is, is fasting worth it? I know its had marked results, but I dont get how a human body benefits...?
THis whole business takes serious dedication in the gym and in the kitchen. If one is in check, it may be the other portion. I always find its the diet that has the room for improvement...
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