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Looking for some weightloss help

I've been at crossfit for about 5 weeks now. Was going 4-5 times a week and really working towards losing some weight, increasing muscle and definition. It's been a great experience and I've seen some improvement, but I feel like I could be doing more (or less). I've been reading a lot of weight loss stuff, and I need some advice to go forward.

About me -
29 years old
5 foot 9
Approx 185 lbs
Approx 20% body fat (but it's hard to find consistency with the online calculators, some put me at 19%, and others at 25%)

I've been alternate day fasting for a few months now for a variety of reasons. I like food, and so does my girlfriend so dinner is a must for us. I exercise at 6pm after work and then go home to eat, and I can get by throughout the day easy with no real trouble with a cup of coffee and some creamer which keeps me far below the 20% calorie range. My dinner and some light snacking is usually all I have on fast days, and on "feast" days I eat normally, which is somewhat healthy for me anyway. I'm not big on sweats or breads unless it's a sandwich or burger, which isn't all that often anyway. Dinners have primarily been lean 8oz steaks and a medium sized baked potato (sour cream), chicken breast with rice, and seafood (salmon,tuna/shrimp), or something along those lines, and pasta like once a week (not whole wheat), so I'm getting carbs but nothing crazy (I think). Working on upping the veggies, but I have a large salad for lunch like once a week and a small one a few times in the week with dinner.

My schedule for the week has been fasting Mon, Wed, Fri, crossfit Mon-Thurs with occasional Fri 6-7p. My feed time is usually around 8-830p, and it's usually one of the above meals and maybe a handful of chips, some veggies with dip, or a slim jim or beef jerky, and this has all been very consistent, and I usually don't eat anything after 1am.

I've just started taking BCAAs before workouts, and whey after because I was worried I may not actually be eating enough, but after talking to my crossfit coach he said since I've still got chub to not worry about eating enough calories for muscle gain, since I have fat enough to burn through yet, but it was a very brief conversation and am hoping to get a little more in-depth advice-wise. (also taking a centrum multi)

I'm now looking at yohimbine and vpx meltdown and was wondering if these were safe to take together/with the other stuff I'm taking.

I'm also about to scale back to 3 days a week (M, W, F) to get some more recovery time. I read the quote about "muscle grows when you recover not when you train" (or similar) and that got me to thinking I may be overtraining, since I often feel like I should have been able to do better.

I'm also looking at leangains and thinking I should up my fasting days to Mon - Fri, but there seems to be some contradiction as to when to carb and when to protein.

So yeah, how am I doing? Where am I weak? What can I improve? Should I add or subtract some crossfit? Are Meltdown and Yohimbine safe to add? Fast more? I've certainly seen results, but I know my body, it's always been very good at reacting to what I throw at it, and very resilient, and I feel I should be seeing better results. I can have some pics up later to show how I've progressed so far if that helps.

Thanks a ton in advanced, you guys all seem awesome.

I've linked the actual products I'm talking about, all on amazon so it's safe and accurate.

edit 2:
I forgot to add I take Nordic Naturals omega 3 liquid every morning also, but I don't have a link for that one.

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