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Re: 2013 open and getting to regionals

It is time to stop asking and start doing. Pick something, as you've been given a great amount of advice already.

The problem I see with so many people that want to reach some goals or improve something is lack of effort and consistency. Let's just call it discipline. They distract themselves from the actual doing part by constantly searching or asking for validation. I know this because I've lived it in my art/design career. A blank canvas with the age old question of "how do I draw better?". You know what, you just start moving a pencil around, hour after hour and day after day. Eventually you get good at it. You may even be great at it. But instead, we/I stare at the blank paper, open up the browser and start searching for youtube videos, google and various art forums asking "what is the best anatomy book?" or "what sort of stuff should I draw to improve?" We do this day after day and guess what....there is still a blank paper there. I digress.....

People have been given info and instead of putting in the work for 8-12 weeks, as written, they start looking around for more information. They ask on here, they google stuff. It is almost as though they want validation for what they are doing. The validation is at the end but only if you see it through.

I seriously doubt anyone that does GSLP, 5/3/1 or SS, religiously, as prescribed will fail. They will improve. It is not for lack of information, it is for lack of doing something with that information.

The key to being a super bad ***, ridiculously strong, athletic person. Here it can send me money via paypal if you wish.

1. Establish goals, specifically. Ex: Back Squat increase by 40lbs. Snatch increase by 25lbs. Lower body weight by 12lbs. Increase deadhang pull-ups from 7 to 12 reps. Do 2 Muscle-ups and 40+ straight Double Unders.

2. Find a program. If the goals are as above, then preferably one that has you doing Back Squats, Double Unders, MUs (or their progressions) and some Olympic lifts (see that snatch up there). It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. If you can't find one that has everything, give yourself 1 day (24hrs) to keep searching. After that, stop looking and narrow the goals down then. Just go with 1) Improve Back Squat by 40lbs and 2) Increase deadhang pull-ups. THATS IT. I guarantee you will find a program to help you with that.

3. Do that program. Stop asking, stop searching. Do it as written, for as long as written or at least until you reach your goals or, most importantly - long enough to know (not think) that it isn't working. You won't find that out in a week necessarily. Stick it out for a bit. Give it a few months.

4. Rinse, repeat either adjusting the program, establishing new goals when current ones are in sight or simply dumping the program all together if it didn't work. Only then find something else and try that one.

I bring this all up why? Because of this

Looks like you started asking around early May. That's 4 full months. Where are you at and what 3-4 month program did you just finish? I guarantee if you had picked one, done it to the letter, then you wouldn't be asking any more questions. The answers to those questions would been provided by the bar, by the chalk and in the workout journals.

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