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Re: 2013 open and getting to regionals

I think it's been mentioned before, but based on your lift numbers you really should be doing a dedicated strength progression right now. With a DL at 200, you would have had a rough time making it through the first regional workout last year (21-15-9 DL 155lb), strength is going to take time and you really need to dedicate to improving it ASAP so you can switch to more conditioning + volume closer to competition time.

You also don't mention anything about Oly lifts, those are totally skill/technique driven that can take years to pick up, so you should be focusing a good chunk of time on oly work. You say you are coaching gymnastics, but haven't tried MU? A little confused byt hopefully that means you have gymnastic skills down, you should probably have - Weighted Pull ups & dips, handstand walking, L sit/hang, bar muscle ups, full ring pushups.

You've asked here a couple times, and the answer continues to be get a coach who will program specifically for you in order to achieve your goals to regionals. Virtually everyone who actually has a shot will have a coach tailoring their programming or at very least helping them with technique at this point.
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