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2013 open and getting to regionals

I am relatively new here, and have been doing Xfit since May. I am currently a gymnastics coach, and have progressed very quickly in the last few months. My ultimate goal is to make it to regionals, but I do not know how long it will take to do that.
My current lift 1RMs are
Deadlift about 200 (rising rapidly
Strict press 80
Back Squat about 155
Bench a little over 100.
Helen in ~11min
Mile in 6:50

I have not mastered my DU (can do about 5 at a time), no muscle ups tried yet, ring dips are tough still, and I can do pistols and hst. pushups, but not a lot at a time.

Here are my questions:
What other 'tricky' movements do you expect to see in the 2013 open?
How can I get my strength number up quickly (I am currently doing Wendler and am starting my 3rd month)?
Where should my lifting numbers/benchmarks be?
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