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Re: Programming for MMA Conditioning Class

Will I'm glad you liked the 15..60 drill. I really love how the fatigue accumulates. I think I'm going to work in neck work into the warm up as that's very important..should have done that earlier.

Yesterday's class-

We don't have any weights except for a DB set. I'm trying to make do with what we have and get some strength work in as well

3x8 Glute ham raises

3x8-12 Tate Presses with dumbbells

5 RFT, 1 minute rest between-

30 straight punches 1s and 2s on bag
15 wall balls 16 and 20# for Dan and Steve (Steve is 210, Dan is 165 bw)
30 straight punches on bag
Buddy carry / heavy bag carry 60m (hug walk, behind the neck, on the shoulder)
30 straight punches
10 plyo push ups

We finished with hollow rocks, candle sticks, leg levers and mobwod stretches.
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