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Re: Programming for MMA Conditioning Class

Last week's class went like this:

Warm up-
2 rounds
3-5 towel pull ups
5 burpees
Overhead walking lunges ~50y
5 sandbag get ups

Turkish get ups with kettlebell

Power Punches-
2 rounds of:
5 power punches right, 3 burpees, 5 power punches left, 3 burpees.

3 person spar run drill, 15 minutes. 2 people spar, 1 runs around gym twice and tags a partner. Tagged partner runs, other 2 spar.

2-3 mins rest

3x1:30 Move, strike takedown. 30 seconds striking at partner with focus mitts, 1 minute max takedowns. 20 second rest between rounds.

2-3 minutes rest, drink

Tabata focus mitts. Jab, cross, hook.

Cool down, hip and shoulder mobs.
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