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Re: Programming for MMA Conditioning Class

Originally Posted by Colin McLafferty View Post
Adam, yeah I'm thinking of using body tempering either during or after. Probably after. Will, I like the drill you posted. Here's my revised plan. It's much more fight-specific. What do you think?

The class length is an hour. Thanks.

Warm up-10 minutes
Standard ROM stuff but also knuckle push ups (wrist stability) towel pull ups (grip) isometric punch holds at close and mid range. I will briefly explain what I seek to accomplish in the class and why it will benefit the fighters.

15 minutes of
3 person sparring / running drill. Team of three at top of a hill. Two members spar (60%) with 16 oz gloves while one runs around the gym and down and up a hill. Upon ascending the hill, the runner tags one of the spar partners out and immediately begins sparring while the tagged out partner becomes the runner. Run takes approximately 1 minute fresh.

2-3 minute break, get a drink.

3x1:30 move, strike takedown drill for each partner. Strike at partner holding focus mitts for first thirty seconds. On call of "takedowns," perform as many takedowns as possible in 1 minute. 20 seconds rest, repeat. This process will be repeated for each partner.

2 minute break, get a drink

Tabata focus mitts. Jab cross hook uppercut, as many reps of that combinaton as possible for a 4:00 tabata interval. Repeat for each partner. Tabata at the end is designed to increase confidence that the fighters can throw a bunch of punches even when dead tired

Looks much better.
Keep changing things, do not let them get used to it.
Streching could be another usefull thing to throw somewhere in the programming.

Sometimes we do focus mitts drills like a fight: 1 guy is hitting the mitts with combo for 3 minutes, while the other one with the mitts is moving around, changing angles and counterstrikes back with the mitts to make sure that hands are always up to protect.

Good luck, and remind them: hard training-easy fight!
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