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Re: Weightloss

Hi Ruth,

I understand how you feel as I've been many pounds overweight before and had to drop a significant bit. I'm now within 10-15 pounds of where I'd like to be but I've stopped looking at the scale, on a regular basis at least. Weight loss on the scale will NOT be an indicator of success/failure of your program. Overall, aim for performance and enhanced body composition, don't worry about the scale so much. Gaining muscle should be just as important as shedding fat. If you do what you need to do, it'll even out over the course of a few months. But give it that much, don't look at it week to week. Ignore the BS that's portrayed on the Biggest Loser, etc.

For example, after starting back with CF in early January, I actually gained 7 pounds but looked significantly better, I was stronger, faster, etc. Then I shed those 7 pounds suddenly, after about a month. Now, I've gained a few back but my body comp just keeps getting better. So, as was stated before, weight loss is not linear and don't let it determine your success or motivation.

My advice is this: nutrition is vital. If you can, go 90% paleo/primal (or even 100% if you really want to see great results, for about 20-30 days) with whey protein powder included and eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight per day (147g of protein per day for you). Don't worry about calories, just worry about the type of food you're eating and protein grams. Do a strength bias version of CF if your equipment allows for it (like CF Football, or Greyskull Linear Progression combined with 2 CF conditioning WODS per week). From my own experience, this will really change your body composition. Just be aware that you will gain weight on the scale at first due to muscle gain, but that it will start to drop as the fat loss catches up. And you will lose fat doing it this way.

As for doing the WODs with minimal equipment, you can actually do a lot with what you have. For what you don't have, search these forums or check out the BrandX scaled WODs and they'll usually include adjustments for lack of equipment. When you can, try to acquire some bumper plates for your olympic bar as your strength gains improve. That will be your most important set of equipment to have, hands down (my opinion, of course). Good luck!
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