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I have gotten my BMR tested too, and a good thing since its MUCH lower than it should be given my weight and LBM. I am a 5'6 female, weighing 165, and with a BF of 25% (from a DEXA scan, pretty accurate) and my BMR was only 1350. It doesn't quite explain the weight gain I have been dealing with in the past year (30lbs), since I eat around 1800 and am very active (running 30-40mpw, xc skiing, ice hockey, a few WOD a week) but I definitely burn less 'being' than I thought, probably because I restricted calories too much last year. So I would be careful of going too low.

I used to maintain 150lbs on 2200 a day, then lost to 135 eating 1500 or so, but was a bit too thin, so ate a bit more, 1800, but then gained to 165 eating that, while marathon training. I probably should have dropped back down to 1500 when I saw what was happening, but I thought my metabolism might recover, and I could go back to 1800 meaning weight loss, not gain. But it didn't happen.

I want to try this CF-zone-diet, since I am hoping it will help my metabolism, but I am also wary of restricting too much, given what its done to me already. I already eat this style (all whole foods) but I am just now trying to get the macronutrients right. I was doing it before with a more runner-style macro - 60C-15P-25F or so. I am surprised that change would make such a big difference, but so many of you seem to do well on a low intake with the added protein. It is similar to what a lot of bodybuilders do as well, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised!
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