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Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere

Originally Posted by Gabriel desGarennes View Post
Oh you guys make me feel silly! i've had plenty of tragic things, i know yesterday wasn't even near a bad day in the big picture. just a chain of events that sucked. Thanks for the replies.
Yeah for chain of events - Last week, I lost my most favorite scarf of all time dashing to a public meeting related to work that I had to take vacation to attend and also later that day a pair of real prescription glasses (300 bucks worth of stuff) on the same freakin' day. Not the end of the world but I still keep thinking about it.

I can make another scarf if I could find similar material and needed a new prescription anyhow but still... As my kid says QUIT FREAKING LOSING STUFF!

Job thing for you and tiler guy, is the most scary. That is some serious **** losing your job or at least it is for me anyway. Nobody left to back me up, so down in a ball of flames I go - should I lose my job. We are loosely affected but the building industry and several major builders here in town have closed up shop, muliple earth moving companies laid everyone off but one skeleton crew. Glad I have nothing to do with automobile industry... Sorry for those folks.

Best of luck staying in work.
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