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Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere

Here's my week...

Decided to retile kitchen floor...began working on that on thursday. Decided on the following monday to buy new kitchen appliances. Did that. Floor took WAY longer than expected. Worked on it all day Saturday through just this past thursday. Person installing tile said "hey, call gas company just to have them check your furnace". Did that. Turns out - 100 Parts per million carbon minoxide in the air. 50 is safe - wife is pregnant.

Laid off on Tuesday ( huge tech company...)- After we decided we would get new appliances and a kitchen floor but BEFORE we were in a position where we needed to buy a new furnace.

Sure...all bad. But i'm looking at it as if we didn't do the kitchen floor...we might've died in our sleep due to carbon monoxide emmissions.
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