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Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere


Bummer of a day, eh?

Anything go well? Anybody make you happy yesterday? Did you do anything that, out of the corner of your eye, you saw made someone else happy?

I had a day kinda like yours on Thursday. Plus, I'm in year four of what people just outside my life would (and have) describe as an incredible cluster f^*k. 80% pay cut. Child who almost died. Beloved older dog had a stroke in her spine. Very uncertain business/job situation going forward. Chronic shoulder injury that I can't afford to get fixed so no more golf or a couple of other physical activities I love. Stomach problem that prevents me from enjoying wine.

And yet, I'm the luckiest SOB you'll ever meet. Seriously. My child is thriving; my dog is here at my side as I type. Most of my days are good days. The ones that aren't are GREAT days. What turned my Thursday around? I found a reason to chuckle and out of the corner of my eye saw three of my staff members breath for the first time all day.

Your day was hard. Some crappy stuff happened. All true. But if you run the tape back I'm bettin' that there was more good stuff than bad, right?

Keep your chin up, Brother. Only two kinds of days, good days and great days. Best of luck.


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