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Re: Photoshopping Camille

I can see why people would be annoyed but the level of outrage displayed by something that is, let's be honest, incredibly minor gets old to me. It seems like there are social media warriors out there just looking for the next thing to rage on and this is one of those things.

Should they have photoshopped her body? Absolutely not. Not only does it not need it but the crossfit community has always been supportive of a more muscular female figure and being a magazine about crossfit you would think they would get it. In the grand scheme of things is it a big deal? Not really. I didn't even know the magazine existed until now and I have a feeling that a majority of people commenting saying they are canceling their subscription don't have a subscription to begin with.

Sometimes I feel like we just need to push the keyboard back, take a deep breath, and focus on things that really deserve our outrage.
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