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Nick Cummings
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Greg, I have a few questions about that article if you don't mind.

In the hypertrophy unloading cycle on testing day are you supposed to find a 1 rep max in clean, front squat, weighted pull-up, weighted rope climb, and push-press? These seem to be the maxs you would need to do the next part of the program.

How many weight chins would you suggest I sub for each weighted rope climb? 10?

Could you describe the clean pull/RDL and the snatch pull/RDL? And are the percents correct for these exercises, 110% of your max lift for 3 reps sounds hard.

With Ida's approach it recommends carb loading every 3-5 days, can you describe carb loading?

The hypertrophy microcycle seems like it is low on volume. Is that what you have found effective? I'm looking at it wondering why there isn't a second squat day. I know I don't have the experience you have and am trying to understand, not criticize.

Thanks, Nick.

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