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I have seen a lot of posts asking about cardio or supplementing the wod with additional training.

have run since freshman year in college-suffice to say this was a few years ago-and have logged from 10-60 miles per week since (more in college and a bit less since joining the army as the pt program was a bit more 'balanced' although not as balanced as crossfit).

i started cf b/c i took a job that did not afford a lot of workout time, and it was one of the first times in my career that i was not participating in organized pt. at any rate, was running several times a week and road marching from 6-12 miles per week coming out of command so i was skeptical that i would be able to maintain my run times much less improve.

so i was surprised this morning (when we ran yesterday's workout) when i ran 3.348 miles at 6:20 pace-this was a race day pace for 5K even at my peak of 60 miles per week and weighing 20 lbs less (stronger now).

not only that, but my deadlift has improved by over 50 pounds in three months, along with max number of just about every exercise that comes up in the crossfit repertoire. and the only supplementation i do (when i have the time) is technique work or agility drills.

had it not been for the job i am in now, i may never have tried crossfit-i was in good shape before (so i thought) but now that i have started i don't think i'll ever go back!

at any rate, long post but i thought that might be useful for folks wondering whether crossfit will actually work.
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