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Re: What muscle injury is this?

Originally Posted by Tony Seng
It also hurts if I raise my arms backwards (opposite of front raise)
The long head of triceps brachii is involved in extension at the shoulder joint, which is the movement you described above. Extension of the shoulder joint also is a big part of doing pullups. It could be that you've torn some fibres of that muscle.

Judging from the location you describe the pain to be in it could also be a rotator cuff muscle like teres minor or infraspinatus, both attach to the humerus at around that kinda area. If you're not experiencing any pain when pressing, I would tend towards it being an issue with one of these muscles as opposed to the tricep.

Whatever it is that you've done, sounds to me like you'll just have to go and rest it for a week or two. Give it some time to heal, then take stock of things in a couple of weeks' time.
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