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Re: Protien question

Originally Posted by Carla Buzzio View Post
I don't mean to piggy back off Melissa's question, but she mentions she does 3 days of Crossfit and then runs 3 days a week. So should I be adding other forms for training besides Crossfit to my agenda? Currenlty I Crossfit 4-5 days out of the week, my goal is to gain strength and become leaner.

For my own training, the only time I add other forms of training is when I apply crossfit to sport.

For instance, if I go for a run or hike, I consider it a replacement for a day at the gym.

When I train for a road race, I only run distance once a week in the place of a WOD. I would also throw an interval workout into the week as well. Other then that, I usually don't spend a whole lot of time on specifically training for it because good programming at your gym should accomplish that.

If I was a serious runner, I would look into crossfit endurance like Katharine suggested.
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