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Rob Samuels
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Smile Re: Protien question

DJust catching up. Don't worry too much about being exact on your calories or ratios. Refer back to don't be a food Nazi. You have some guidelines just try to stick to those. Many here are speculating you need to eat more but that's up to you. Don't eat more because someone says you should, you determine that based on your goals.

Then there is the age old argument about muscle burning more calories so focus on weights rather than running. Personal experience shows this to be a truth in a vacuum. Here is what I personally have found. People new to exercise or even those coming off a lay off rarely lift weights at a level sufficient to produce body comp changes as rapidly as someone elevating their heart rate for extended periods. So while weightlifting does have the potential to effect better body comp changes than running, in practice people will fall short because they don't know how to lift, they don't lift with sufficient intensity and they won't lift with significant duration.

Everyone can strap on some shoes and go run/walk increasing heart rate and because it can be accomplished at lower intensities they will do it for a longer duration. The end result is they burn more calories they do gain some strength and initially a little mass. They lose more fat.

Another huge component especially for women is women are more apt to stick with or even start in the first place, a run/walk program. vs. a program of weights because it can be intimidating embarrassing and because of some of the stereotypes associated with women and weights

Bottom line do both but at least do something and if that something is running so be it. I have mixed feelings about the crossfit endurance program for a new athlete for the same reasons as above. Nice to have a fitness base before embarking on a program which stresses intensity. But that's a whole other discussion I typed this on my phone sorry for any spelling issues!
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