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Re: Why do you like Krav Maga?

Originally Posted by Kent Newland View Post
Okay, let me rephrase. I don't feel that I need the SPEAR system.

I think part of the gulf here is the audience. Tony Blauer might agree that you don't need SPEAR, either. I do not have an in depth understanding of his SPEAR system, but it seems to be aimed at people who have little enough experience in combat/fight situations that they would fail MENTALLY. As a soldier who is a veteran of several martial arts styles this is not you. Which brings me to the main thrust of my post: Given your experience you seem a little puzzled as to why people get so amped about Krav Maga. I think this is because of your perspective and the implied question in the post.

The question was more-or-less: "Why do people think Krav is good?" but I think the implied question is instead "Why do people think Krav is better than what I do?"

By recommending Krav, instead of Kali, combatives courses, etc, the implication is that their program is better than yours.

But "better" is a relative term. Lets get more specific. You've been doing martial arts for 8 years. So, question #1--a question personally important to YOU--is:
1) Is doing Krav for 8 years better than doing a number of pretty practical martial arts over 8 years? Maybe, maybe not. I don't think you would be much or any more formidable in hand to hand combat if you had just done Krav instead of having your background.

but, the emphatic recommendations don't have anything to do with question #1 (because that is specific to YOUR experience), but instead come out of question 2:
2) Is doing Krav for 6 months, or 1 year, better than doing one or more other martial arts for 6 months, or 1 year. I'd say YES, almost certainly. Krav (as I understand it) gets right to the core of the issue. No fancy joint locks that take 2 years to master, there aren't 50 different techniques who's use will be dictated by where the opponents foot is, and there IS striking, sparing, and other drills to MENTALLY prepare a person for violence.

Bottom line is that most people don't have, or don't want, 8 years to study martial arts. They want something that will be effective and implementable as soon as possible. And I think Krav Maga fits the bill pretty damn well.
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