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How do I explain my cholesterol going up to dad/doctor?

So, I have genetically high cholesterol and have had it since about grade 3-4 (about to start grade 11), although it has been under control since grade 8, when i started trampolining, and eventually crossfitting. It went up in grade 9, the year i started crossfit by just a little.

My cardiologist says that I have to just do aerobic cardio to lower my cholesterol, which obviously I have no interest in doing as I know anaerobic work is better for you and I love it much more.

However, I have been doing SS for about a month now and have no intention of stopping just to please my cardiologist, as my strength is something I am loving working on right now. BUT, since I have not been doing any metcons, by the time I hit my appointment in September I am assuming that my cholesterol will be a fair bit higher than it was last year.

My dad asked me earlier today if I have been doing any cardio because he is concerned I am not doing enough, so I just lied and said interval training, threw in some technical terms (biomechanics, kinetic chain, anerobic, etc.) and he seemed to buy it. Yet both my dad and my doctor are going to be very ****ed with me when they see my cholesterol has gone up in september.

My Question: What do I do? I have high LDL, Triglycerides, and low HDL (not exponentially high, but still enough that I have a yearly appointment at Sick Kids Hospital for blood work and stuff), and what do I do to lower/raise them without doing metcons? What food should I eat, etc.?

Also, in the event that I do whatever is suggested and my cholesterol is still higher than last year, how do I explain this to my cardiologist/dad? the former is obviously the harder one to convince.

Any help is appreciated.

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