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Re: Need advice on how to get started with my goals

In bootcamp you'll pack your pack as they say. Any different and it'll probably end up all over the squad bay.

When you get in to the fleet, however, pack it as you like. But we generally kept less important items at the bottom, as they didn't needed to be accessed as much.

Spare cammies, socks, underwear, and what not were usually at the bottom. Chow and water was probably on top of that. Mission/training essential equipment would be on top of that. Hygiene gear and things like batteries and other small, useful, items were usually in the outer pouches. Sleeping bag and iso mat on the outside.

Depending on your MOS, this may or may not be helpful. But keep in mind that ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain. When you do humps that start before the sun comes up until after the sun goes down, you'll know what I mean.
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