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Re: "Rules are rules" vs Sportsmanship

Originally Posted by Brian LaFonte View Post
Rules are rules. ... I put this on the girl and her coach. The other coach pointed out the infraction and she lost. Follow the rules and you won't have this problem.
The onus is on the girl's coach to know and enforce the rules on his own team. I can understand how a HS senior would not know all of the rules, but her coach should, without question. He didn't enforce the rules and ask the girl to take off her bracelet, so his team lost.

In a sort-of similar situation, I used to play chess competitively. I have both won and lost on technicalities (time running out, etc.). That is INCREDIBLY frustrating, especially when you are the loser. If you don't like the rules, don't compete.

To put ourselves in their shoes, would we have done anything differently? A win is a win, outright or technical.


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