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Steven C. Herndon
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Scott,congratulations on passing boards! I am starting nursing school on the 22nd and working full time as a Secretary/monitor tech in a surgical i.c.u., so I am just hoping to have enough time to work out and study. I always make a big pot of soup. I take 1 can of beef broth, 1 can ea. of spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, black beans, red beans and corn. I heat and put in the new zip lock bowls with some olive oil, Cheyenne pepper and lemon pepper and freeze 12 bowls worth. For the protein you can add your favorite meat or fat free cottage cheese. I know, sounds gross, but everyone who tries it likes it. Gives it a nice flavor, believe it or not. Not exactly paleo, but easy to make Zone proportioned, and quick to heat and eat. I also do a zone sized snack of 1 apple, 12 almonds and two low fat cheese sticks. Hope this helps a little.
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