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My take on your situation is that you are sick of eating. 12 hour shifts blow, I know. I do 15 hours every other night with 4 hours on in between days. I work from dusk till dawn, and sleep days. Plus, the long nights are on a small whaler boat.

Not sure how this will fit into the true paleo plan, but I make a ziploc baggy full of, well I don't know what to call it. I take a tortilla, the kind that's lard free, and canola? oil, so its lower fat. I then take three slices of precut smoked turkey breast (its around 10% fat by Calories, I get it at Costco), and put about three tablespoons of salsa and a few shakes of Tabasco for pep. I cut them halvsies, and stick six halves in a ziploc.

By my guess, its a total of ~48g protein. I suppose you could fault the salsa for 12g sugar total, but I use the peach mango salsa, so not much is added to it.

It only takes about four bites to down a half (the big 10in torts), and given your time constraints, it seems to fit the need there. I really haven't gotten tired of them, and when refrigerated (or a cooler), they don't get appreciably soggy after 12 hours. I'm sure you could tailor what you put in it to fit the diet better.

Hope this spurs more paleo friendly entries.
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