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in the last six months my diet has completely gone to crap for numerous reasons (work, practicum, finals, boards, etc.). now i am working as a full-time registered nurse in the ED of a busy trauma center, working 12 hour shifts. the problem is finding ways to eat properly while at work. when i say it's busy, it's an understatement. i'm lucky if i get a 30 minute break during the entire shift, but have time here and there to sneak off and throw something down, and unfortunately, lately it's been nasty hospital food i've been shoveling down, and it's all garbage and i feel like crap from it.

does anyone have any ideas for quick (this is key!) simple paleo friendly meals that i can make at home and bring with me? i also eat dairy here and there to add variety. i'm just getting sick (literally!) of the same old food, i.e. grilled chicken and sweet potatoes! some variety would be nice!

thank you all in advance for your advice and suggestions!
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