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Re: Can anyone help me?

Originally Posted by Shawn Patrick Kelley View Post
I have a messed up living situation and I'm trying to follow a zone diet.My rx
for protien is 24 blocks.I can only get at 1% milk and nuts for my first meal . For the remaining meals I eat some meats,but mostly protien powder.I can get at all the fruits and vegies I want, it's the whole milk at breakfast thing-is that going to mess up "the zone"? Who has a fast life out there and the same blocks as me.I would like to see what some tupper wear people eat like at 24 blocks?Thank you.
You can't mess up The Zone because there is no Zone.

Sears whole Zone 40:30:30 theory is just pseudoscientific nonsense and clever marketing and the truth is The Zone Diet is just another low calorie weight loss program where you lose weight because you're eating fewer calories.
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