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Re: paleo with hypoglycemia?

Originally Posted by Kevin Thomas View Post
If she has a medical condition, maybe she should see a dietician instead of having her friend get random, generic advice off the internet for her.
Probably. Presuming she's just "carb/sugar addicted" and working under the assumption that it's the sole problem isn't going to help with a medical basis.

OTOH, dieticians can be hit-or-miss also, and maybe carb/sugar IS the only real problem (I've known *several* people who are 'hypoglycemic' but really only live on processed boxed pasta dinners, candy and Mt. Dew. )

If nothing else, logging items might help a doctor (or nurse or other professional) get a better overview. And if this isn't something previously confirmed with blood work and a diagnosis, trying to drop certain foods in small doses may not be such a bad idea anyway, depending on the current sources.
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