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Comprehensive bodyweight workout list , great tool

this is a great tool if you are on the road or have limited access to a gym, i have been playing around with the the deck of cards WOD, which i find a great way to adapt, to suit specific areas of the body you need to work on, i have made up 6 different wod, and the joy of the D O C is it is never the same for the same work out,(because after shuffling you never know what order they will come out of the pack) below is one of them, if anyone has a go let me know what you think, i can post some of the others.

hearts = k ball swings 20k
spades = sit ups elbows to knees feet held
diamonds = pull ups
clubs = bur pees
jokers = 1 mile run face cards =10 aces = 11

it works out to 96 reps for each suite plus 2 mile run, the run almost seems like a rest station, my best time for the above 36m 28sec is this good or bad ?? if anyone else has a go I would like to know what your thoughts are

regards steve.
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