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Re: Charles Poliquin on Crossfit

Originally Posted by George Noble View Post
You asked what good high rep olympic lifts do as opposed to high reps of a less technical exercise. The answer

he demands of those workouts is well beyond a simple metabolic conditioning stimulus: the ability to maintain explosive power, balance, coordination, agility, etc... while facing ever increasing levels of fatigue is unparalleled due to the HIGHLY TECHNICAL NATURE of the lifts.

is a perfect answer to your question, and you haven't addressed it.
If increasing your ability to maintain moderate power production is your goal there are more effective and less complicated ways of doing it than 30 rep power cleans. Why learn a power clean or snatch if moderate power is your main goal. Like I asked earlier running a 10k will have a greater total power production than a 400 meter sprint, so why not do those instead of sprints?