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Re: Paleo diet

Originally Posted by Brian Rosol View Post

so i have just started the Paleo Diet and i like how my body is reacting to it however i feel like i am in a constant state of Ketosis, which makes me feel like there a way to avoid this? or will it go away with time? I feel like if i keep up with the Paleo diet that my performence is going to decrease because i am in a state of Ketosis is this true?
What do you mean by "just started"? It takes a while with extremely low carb intake to become ketogenic, as Laura indicated. If you truly just started within the past few days or even couple weeks, its likely that you're body is adapting to a lower carb intake.

In general, the paleo-diet is not ketogenic, although it could be. Eat ample vegetables and some fruit, as Laura said. Heavy emphasis on the vegetables, especially green and leafy ones.
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