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AGAIN FASTER up to the same old stuff.. avoid these guys

so just to let you know... yes I am in Canada and yes the again faster up here did go bankrupt.

we did a large purchase order from AF for bars and plates. we were very happy with the black bars however, the comp bars were junk with bearing going within the first 3 months and terrible rusting.

then we had 5 bumper plates (primarily the color coded chip rubber #25's but more recently a #45 and a #10) de-laminate internally which resulted in a large bubble.

I contacted the USA branch where they were shipped from and they said "sorry not our issue, Canada made their own" however this is simply not true, the equipment was shipped from them to us"

long story short, very poor customer service... quick to pass the buck rather than ask to see the plates to determine what was wrong with them. avoid avoid avoid

I expressed my displeasure with them on their instagram page and I got blocked.

Companies that have treated us very well are
Xtreeme Monkey
Gorilla fitness
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