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We have quite a bit of experience with clients that choose to compete in bodybuilding. One guy, 38 YOA out of shape not even one good push-up on day one placed 2nd in his first show after 1 year with us (drug free show) A second guy did the same but didn't get as lean and didn't fare as well. Our third guy has done shows for the past 5 years never placing better than 3rd, switched to 100% CrossFit 6 months out from his last show and placed 2nd leaner than he'd ever been drug free of course, in a non tested event in the light heavyweight class.

Your diet will get you lean, as a former competitor/promoter/judge the effects of Crossfit training increase leg size, back width/thickness and the overlooked forearms. Just looking at our guys on stage they might not have won 1st but it was clear who was the strongest guy on stage. All in all leanness was the difference between 2nd and 1st.
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