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Re: My Dream Has Become A Reality, Thought I Would Share With Hopes To Inspire Others.

Thanks for the support Guys!!

Marshall, I hear you ya brother, I understand the fear of leaving a stable job with benefits and a good retirement. Plus, I love being a Deputy Sheriff, but my true life passion is CrossFit. I love changing lives and making a impact.

My two cents:

In life the biggest rewards require the most risks. Believe in your mission and know you will be successful, don't settle for less then what you deserve or are capable of doing.

I made a plan and then executed it, letting nothing stand in my way and I ignored the Nay Sayers: plan, prepare and then do. It's hard and scary, but totally worth all the sacrifice and stress.

You got this Marshall, never give up on dreams!!

Anything I can do to help, let me know!! Be safe!!
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