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Re: My Dream Has Become A Reality, Though I Would Share With Hopes To Inspire Others.

Hmm..You are the po po like me. Must be a terrifying move leaving the security of the paycheck and seniority to embark on opening a gym. My wife and I often speak of opening an Olympic Weightlifting, strength and conditioning gym since I'd love to get kids into the sport. When I was coaching CF two days a week and working it wore me out pretty quick. I enjoyed coaching but I got burned out. Not on the coaching part though.

I left and built a gym in my garage. My experience in real weightlifting is limited so I decided to live the life of a weightlifter as much as possible-training, competing-for the forseeable future. At this point I am still working on programming and coaching the lifts. I don't want to be part of the problem you know. Although I am a pretty good coach.

I have been approved for affiliation in the past but did not follow through.

Do I think about leaving and going for it? Heck yeah. It may happen some day but with incredibly small steps, probably not involving affiliation. Meanwhile I slog it out in my garage with a smile on my face.

Best of luck

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