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Re: Carb Back Loading Meal Plan

Originally Posted by Shane Jensen View Post

I've been eating the way that I've laid out for the past five weeks or so. Honestly haven't noticed anything particularly special in one direction or the other. Don't know if thats because I'm "doing it wrong."

Whether I am or not though, I'm going to keep rolling like this for the time being. I like eating my carbs at night.
Its wrong, CBL is not paleo at all, you eat ANY high gi food yes that includes the oh so scary rice, stay clear of clean, goal is to spike insulin at all means! What your doing here is Renegade diet by ferrugia, by the way if your CBL your suppose to skip the breakfast and no fiberous foods in the evening, for that to work you also suppose to do 10 days no carb or under 30, i even ditched the veggies and took a multi, stupid or not it seem to of worked

Thats probs why you havnt realised much, id do a bit more study on it my friend, and if your doing clean lots of white potato, sweet tato brown bananas etc

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