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Re: Anthos vs. CrossFit update

Originally Posted by Michael McMahon View Post
In reading the shortened version of the issue of crossfit vs. Anthos/ex-wife I do have to throw the BS flag on the claim by Glassman that everything that went into crossfit was his idea. Come on, really? No one tried timed circuits before that? No one used oly lifts & sprinting together before him? Making such a claim seems more than a little arrogant and in my opinion damages his credibility somewhat in light of such a fanciful and outrageous claim.

Just my thoughts
While important, your argument is irrelevant to the Anthos vs. CrossFit situation. If the subject of CrossFit's originality is that important to you I'd start a new thread in another section of this board to discuss it. To get you started though, I'm going to point out Greg Glassman has never made the claim you're arguing against, so if you do want to start that thread and think I'm mistaken, you should offer a reference.
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