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Re: Proposed supplement plan

Originally Posted by Jesse Emers View Post
John my suggestion was to fine tune a diet plan in which he specifically asked for help. Thank you for reminding me why I stopped posting outside of the workout log threads. I am wrong, you are correct, and my diet is off
awe man, I didnt want to deter you from future posts here, being that your diet is perfect. Unfortunately, I know exactly how you feel.

Is it a stretch to think that positive results from supplements are due to you being lacking in some nutrients before taking them? Do you know how your BCAAs are synthesized, or where they come from? Do you know if they raise GI levels (or lower them)? Did you look for natural sources instead of synthetic versions of the AA's? These questions are for eveyone. Chris from AtLarge is probably the only one that knows how this s**t is made. If you did the research, dont expect a pat on the back, cause thats what you (we all) should do before consuming a supplement. Am I the only one who saw Bigger, Stronger, Faster?

I know you didnt offer advice, just to get interrogated back. I could've asked the questions better, sure. Forum rules state no sex stuff, politics, or religion. Nutrition is a very close 4th in polarizing people. So dont run away, talk back. Just know someone might ask you why 'you think' 1 apple will make or break someones 3000 cal/day diet.
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