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Re: Proposed supplement plan

The OP was clear in wanting info from like minds, so I dont really want to get into it, but cant help it. I hate my own arrogance/sarcasm when I say "fake food party" too. My bad.

I've been following a natural diet since age 25, way before this 'paleo' philosophy. Before 25, I took it all. Yes, they work in the world of athletics, the question is cost (not $$, but cost on the body). Its hard for me to believe a chemists can analyze and break down sub atomic particles enough to mimic and create me a nutrient that is better suited for me than a whole food. Its also difficult to overconsume natural foods to the point of creating disorders (though possible Im sure). Eric, the philosphy of overconsuming just in case the body needs it, I feel is bordering dangerous. Even vitamin C is dangerous if over consumed, but ever hear about it coming from too many oranges, no, the problems from over the counter. You all are admitting being lazy and folding to convenience. Also, there's no need to consume a shake the second your last weight hits the floor. There is a few hour window where your nutrient replacement is still 'optimal'.

Am I going to get in a ProFootball locker room and spit off how they should watch their intake of supplements. Hell no (they'd kick my ***), cause there's jobs at stake for being bigger, stronger, faster. But here, where most of us are not "pro" anything, are consuming these things they have no idea of the sources. The goal of health, should override the goal of 10 more lbs on a backsquat, for most of us not involved with pro sports. So I'll have no part in fermented plant material or hog's hair from China (if thats actually where some cheap BCAAs come from).

Lastly, its easy to disregard a layman, and most of this nutrition section is filled with, "whats your proof, where'd you here that, etc..." Even when Daryl provides studies from actual sports journals, you all still disregard?? Much love. Im sorry OP.
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