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Re: 2012 Open, Regional and Games thread

Originally Posted by Vickie Ellickson View Post
I'm genuinely curious as to why you think this event wasn't worth 100pts? I don't have a strong opinion either way, but would like to hear yours.
Honestly, if you watch the "real" obstacle course it contains a double bar, up and over, and a ~20ft rope climb. These are two of the (if not the most) difficult parts of the course and they skipped them for no apparent reason. If you watch what they did at the games it was more or less about jumping over obstacles (favors the taller competitors strongly, watch Spencer hurdle them), and swinging over a bar (favored the gymnasts, especially the taller ones (why T won it)). It was ~30-40 seconds a piece, for max of three rounds. They tested this domain with the sprint WOD which was 50pts. It seemed redundant given the later events, not difficult, and didn't appear to give proper placement (i.e. slipping was the difference between 5th and last) due to fitness (you did better if you watched your footing and stayed consistent rather try to sprint/hurry through). I think it is a good event, I think it has some good application and tests some things, but don't punish a guy who slips and make that the difference between 2nd and 4th, or possibly more. Guess that's sports though.

As far as being 'cute' goes, It seemed like everything had a twist. Instead of a straight sprint triathlon it had to be in sand, with flippers, with one speed bikes. Instead of the real o-course, it was tweaked. Instead of power snatch it was a (inconsequential) split snatch, instead of a regular sled it was some weird tackling dummy sled (might as well have been a car), instead of regular thrusters it was an axle, instead of muscle-ups it was burpee muscle-ups -- etc. Just little changes to almost everything that made it a bit odd. It lost the feel of "oh, I've done that." or "Oh, I'd like to try that" - We dont all have parallettes, 150lb med balls, sled dummies, big-bobs, obstacle courses, axles, or the things for double banger...really there is only one or two new workouts you can 'recreate', which I think kinda sucks. I guess I just miss the beauty of "Amanda" followed by "Triple Helen" and "Max STO" -- Pistol, DL, DU, Moving Sandbags, and Cleans/Ring HSPU -- The final had the walls but is recreateable. That entire year was so beautifully programmed, difficult, and doable. Don't get me wrong, I think some of it was really awesome. The Med-Ball, HSPU WoD was brutal, so was big-bob, and I like burpee muscle-ups. Just saying, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a simple couplet or two.
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