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Donating Blood

I gave a double red blood cell donation yesterday. Today's WOD was 30-20-10 of dead lift (75kg), KB swings (70#), and mountain climbers. My 1RM on dead lifts is only 140kg, but this WOD really knocked me for a loop. The deads and kb swings were almost all in sets of 5 not long into it. Olympic lifting and heavy lifting can get the heart rate up, and take something out of me, but this seemed out of the ordinary. Curious if yesterday's double donation might have been a factor or not. Several other factors were changed from my regular routine. Hotter 6pm class as opposed to 5am class. Pre-WOD was 800m run for time. Short break and then push press 5x8. Those each took something out of me too. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow, but thought I would check notes with everyone else.
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