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Jeremy Froley
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Saturday 060527
For time:
30 Muscle-ups

sub = 120 pull-ups (dead hang) + 120 bar dips
time = 24:55

Not real fast, that's for sure. My pull-up endurance was kind of shot today. After the first few sets fatigue was setting in quicker than normal. Dips went very well. Seems that endurance on those is improving. If i could just get pull-ups and dips on the same page.....

As a note, pull-ups were done alternating pronated grip and supinated grip every 30 reps.

Russ - I'll have to play with bar muscle-ups a little more. I've tried them a couple times and could get 2 consecutively before my wrists couldn't take it, but i'll work on it. I appreciate the suggestion.

Anthony - I'm very jealous that you have your rings!! I really enjoyed your video of the tire drags using them...i almost felt as if i had my own...then reality struck with todays WOD!!! I do like your custom sub of 60/60. A very fair sub, indeed. I have only been on rings once and that was with Robb Wolf up at crossfit norcal about 6 weeks ago. My first try resulted in 3 consecutive muscle-ups, but i'm not real sure how 30 would go. I may have to do an Anthony sub as well!!!! Hopefully i'll have mine in the near future. My order is only 300 away, but i've got no email yet.
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