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Jeremy Froley
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Sunday 060521

Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

Bodyweight = 182 lbs.

Round / Bench Press(185 lbs) / Pull-ups
1 / 16 / 21
2 / 12 / 17
3 / 11 / 16
4 / 10 / 13
5 / 9 / 12
Total / 58(-3) / 79(+9)

Notes - CFWUx3 before (minus pull-ups and dips).
- all pull-ups dead hang.

This is definitely one of my favorite workouts, just for the way you feel afterwords!! I got less reps on the bench than the last time i did this and i know 2 reasons why: 1)we bench press so infrequently that the movement feels completely awkward to me when we do it. The weight feels heavy and i feel like i am learning a movement pattern all over again. 2) Losing bodyweight does not help. Therefore, my goal is to work on this a little, somehow, and get my bodyweight up. My pull-up total went up (+9), which i was thrilled about, for 2 reasons, as well: 1) All the practice we do has greatly improved them. 2) The first time i did this i don't think i took each set to that absolute failure point where i can't budge myself. I feel there were sets where there were 1 or 2 left in the tank. This time i went all out!!

So, after the delayed posts from the weekend, i'm off to hit todays WOD...just as soon as i figure out which of the 3 substitutions for rowing that were mentioned in the comments, that i will use. I have no access to a rower, and i'm leaning towards the SDHP.
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