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Re: Position of non working leg during single leg squat

Arturo, I think what Matt is talking about can be called the "Shrimp Squat" as done by Ido Portal. Google it, I was going to copy and paste the link but I lost the link because I hit copy instead of paste.

I have generally done my Loaded "Pistol" SLS with the free leg as near horizontal as I could in the eccentric and concentric phase. Probably 15 degrees below horizontal which is the best my active flexibility allows me. Recently I saw a video of someone do their BW added on themself as a Pistol but they let the free leg drop in the concentric phase. When you do that, you engage your PC to help you up whereas in proper pistol form I've heard it's more quad dependent (though a shrimp is supposed to be more so).

I've also done them with just the free leg hanging down when I do them on a height of some sort. For loading, I prefer this way and I generally introduce SLS as this progression at first.

To note it can get tricky doing weighted SLS off a height if you allow the free leg to hang and want to hit parallel. This is circumvented if you do them as a "pistol".

The Shrimp squat has some funky mechanics if you watch Ido demonstrating it. His first two version are somewhat similar to a box squat but have a weird movement path, IMO.

However, they are easier to load. I started playing with those back in 96 when I taught to squat since I would also do one leg leg presses. Ya, I know but oh well.
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