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Re: Any of you ever have a pull up band fail?

Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
You're very unlikely to break either a band or a properly-installed bar. The bands on the market are very, very strong, and you're very unlikely to come anywhere near stretching one to its limit.

As for the bar...the biggest issue that you're likely to have with a home-built bar is not in breaking the bar itself; it's in the joints. The force that you're applying to the pullup system is always going to find the weak link, which is always going to be wherever you have created a joint. Be sure that you have a pullup bar design that deals with this.

Your husband is being a lovingly paranoid knucklehead. Kiss him on the head, then buy your bands (Iron Woody are great) and get busy making sure that you have a bomber pullup bar design.

- Mark
Yes I agree that he's being loving and a knucklehead. As for the pullup design, http://http://crossfitcenturion.word...-on-the-cheap/ WFS his pullup bar is what I have in mind.

I have 2x10 floor joists I can mount it to. I'd get all technical since I'm a Draftsman, just suffice it to say that my bar would have to have one more 90 degree turn for the flanges to mount to the joists in my basement. I did have it double checked by an Engineer here at work. It should be good.
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