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Any of you ever have a pull up band fail?

What I'd like to know is:
Have you ever had a pull up band fail?
If so what brand was it?
Was it a personal use band or in a Crossfit box?
How old was it when it failed?
If you were using them in a Crossfit box were they used "daily" or when ever the WOD had pullups?

My husband thinks that they way the pull up bands are attached is a bad idea. That it creates a week point at the bar on the band. He also thinks that a pullup bar made from Home depot galvanized pipe is not strong enough. I checked with one of the engineers here at work. He was joking, but said I could hang a boat from it. He said it would be more than enough for me.

He said I could "make do" with out one. Honestly I have very little equipment and no pullup bar hinders the crossfit experiance in my opinion. If i had a pullup bar, then my number of WOD's I can to vastly increases in variety.

I'm trying to get a feel for how sturdy these are so I can tell him it is safe.

Thank you
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