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Re: Re-Tread(NWFS)

Doc told me to not put any weight on the foot other than to walk around. I was going crazy so I went back to the gym but am doing a random body building routine, trying to work on some of my upper body weaknesses.

Seated Row 3x6
Bicep Curl 3x6
Back Extensions
Cable Hammer Curl 3x6
Cable Upright Row 3x6
Single Arm Lat Pull-Downs 3x6

Need to get my arms and back stronger, will be throwing in pull-ups and dips as well. Doc doesn't even want me doing push-ups because of the pressure on the foot so I can't even do those. Need to finish my parallettes, can start working on L-sits and what not at the house. I hate being broken.
I suck...but I'm working on it.
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