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Re: Post Surgical Rhabdo

I have exactly 2 cents worth of thoughts on this as I have no experience with rhabdo, nor am I any kind of doctor. Far from it. But, my Dad had spondolythesis and had the surgery about 15 years ago for it. As I recall, the only real rehab for that surgery is walking... a lot of walking. Which your friend may have trouble doing for a while. My Dad fell and broke his hip not long after the surgery and was unable to do the walking rehab. His back never really recovered well from the surgery. You might suggest to your friend to walk as much as he can once he has recovered form the rhabdo. However, I suppose his doctor's advice is better than anything some idiot (read: me) is going to tell you on an internet forum.

Was "Robert" a football down lineman in high school or college? Supposedly, spondolythesis is fairly common in former football players. Just a thought.

I wish him the best of luck.
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